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Last 2 years, we completed 6 bathroom renovation projects

Professional Bathroom Remodelling Services

JK Renovate offers expert, professional bathroom renovation services in Malaysia. We cater to the needs of residential and commercial business owners, including hoteliers. Buildings experience wear and tear every day—especially bathrooms. It doesn’t take long for a brand-new bathroom to look worn out and dilapidated.

So, when you decide that it is time to renovate your bathroom, and give it a fresh, new look in a design you love, call JK Renovate. We can simply paint your bathroom walls or change the tiling, or we can tear it all down and give it a totally new build.

Whichever way you prefer, we use your specifications to come up with a refreshing design and layout for your bathing space.


Quick Fact About Us

  • We completed 112 renovation projects since 2006
  • Last 2 years, we completed 12 kitchen renovation, 6 bathroom/toilet renovation and 5 major renovation projects.
  • Specliaze in condominium & landed house renovation
  • Offer Free 30 days Workmanship Warranty
  • Fast follow up services within 7 days
  • Our head of constructor accumulated more than 19 years of experience
  • Our company start from 4 people increase to 15 people now
  • Free quotation & consultation

Our Bathroom Renovations Steps

Design & Planning

First, we develop a design for your bathroom and create a plan to ensure what we build is actually what you want. We incorporate your ideas and specifications into the bathroom design to ensure a personal touch in your bathroom.

Tiling Works

Tiles come in various textures, patterns, sizes, shapes, and colors. Our team of professional bathroom renovators will help you choose the right tile for your bathroom walls and flooring based on your documented requirements.

Wash Basins

Wash basins come in various designs, styles, finishes, sizes, and shapes. We’ll help you choose one that meets your design needs without compromising your working budget.

Shower Screens

Shower screens also come in different tints and materials. We’ll help you choose one that goes well with the other design elements in your bathroom renovation, for a cohesive, attractive look.

Plumbing Works

Plumbing is a critical aspect of bathroom renovation. Whether we’re building your bathroom from scratch or simply changing a few design elements in your bathing space, we have experienced plumbers who’ll ensure your plumbing work is done right. The services are also regulatory-compliant.

Hacking Works

We also have the right team to help with the hacking works. They’re well-trained and experienced in their work. They offer only the best of what they know and do best.

Things to Consider before a Bathroom Renovation Project

We provide sufficient storage, proper drainage and improved lighting with every bathroom renovation project. Before beginning a renovation project, there are various factors you must consider. Develop a plan to help guide the process, create a budget, and have a firm idea of how you would like your bathroom to look once renovation is complete.

Determine if the renovation project will affect your bathroom plumbing; this is also the time to consider any plumbing areas you want improved in your bathroom. For instance, if you may want to replace small drain pipes with larger ones to prevent clogging. Lighting is also an essential aspect of your bathroom renovation project. Consider carefully the type of lighting you want in the room. If possible, add windows, to bring in as much natural light as possible.

Create a budget for your renovation project to ensure you don’t spend too much—you could end up with an incomplete project if your budget is too low. If you’re working on a tight budget, consider a DIY bathroom renovation project or a simple refurbishing to give it a new look. For instance, you can replace bathroom hardware, such as taps and cabinet handles, for a new look.

Alternatively, you can simply give your bathroom walls a fresh new coat of paint for a renewed look. If you opt for a DIY renovation, only work on the decorating aspects of the room; leave plumbing, lighting and tiling to professionals, unless you’re skilled in these areas.

With these tips, you can change your bathroom look and feel without breaking the bank. However, if you have money to spend on a complete renovation project, let nothing stop you.

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