Before Selling, Consider Doing these House Renovations

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April 15, 2019
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Before Selling, Consider Doing these House Renovations

No matter how sophisticated a marketing campaign is, without a compelling property, no kind of strategy will be effective enough. This is why we mulling on house renovations is considered as one of the sure ways to increase the chances of selling the property. If you are to let go of your property to a new owner, might as well invest on in for one last time, and you can even try to increase its worth by simply giving it a brush-up.

Renovations do not have to be one big expensive house projects. Some people tend to skip this and just sell their properties right away, with the hope of avoiding the cost and hassle of renovations. There are actually more practical and easy ways to enhance the residential property and its value. Most of these can even be done within a week.

1)      Repaint the gates

Just like any advertising product, packaging also matters in property selling. What better way to create an impression with the packing that giving the gate paint a color boost. After several years, it is normal for the gates to become rusty. Instead of renovating the gate completely, a quick repaint can already do the trick in making the property look good both in pictures and in actual site.

2)      Repair Broken Tiles

Broken tiles can be a huge turnoff for a potential buyer. It can make the house look cheap and low quality. This may not just reduce cost of the property, this may even hinder you from closing a deal with a buyer. House Renovation contractors that specialize in tiling and tile repairs can provide you with a fast and efficient service to make sure your house or commercial space is ready for selling in no time.

3)      Check ceilings for any sagging

The ceiling is one of the most overlooked parts of the house, but can also be one of the most defining features. The ceiling provides an illusion of space and light for the entire space. This is why it’s important to pay attention to the ceiling prior to taking pictures of the property for sale to ensure that it is still in good condition, and not yet sagging. Otherwise, installation of false ceiling can also be explored to create a whole new look for the house or office.

4)      Keep a bit of decorative materials

You may feel compelled to remove all things from the house prior to letting it go. But leaving some decorative materials for advertising purposes or a bit of token for your buyer can also go a long way. Consider keeping the ones that do not hold emotional value to you, but nonetheless makes the entire space look better.

These things may not necessarily cost too much money, but can already significantly increase the value of a property. Make sure to accomplish these enhancements prior to your broker’s schedule of taking photos and videos of the house.  

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