Renovation: Insulation Materials for Your Loft

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April 15, 2019
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April 15, 2019

Renovation: Insulation Materials for Your Loft

A small loft requires insulation to make it a great living space for those who’ll live in it. This is a project that many undertake because they have extra space in their attic and they want to convert it into living space for their kids or guests.

Insulation should be located on the rafters of your house. The specifications of your house and design considerations are the characteristics of your home that will dictate on where you place your insulation whether between, top, or underneath.

The placement will dictate what materials would be good to use when installing the insulation for the roof of your renovated loft. You need to know what materials would best fit the construction of your home.

Plasterboard. You install this product when you want to install an insulation that’s between your roof’s rafters. There are various plasterboards available in the market and they’re quite rigid which makes it a highly durable material.

Blow-in technique. This is a technique used to place insulation material inside your frames. This works with wooden homes where you have a frame where a nozzle containing the material can be inserted in to provide the insulation. It’s environment-friendly as well because there are those who use recycled materials such as paper and plastic to use as insert.

Aluminum-Foam. Two materials are used in this type of insulation where you use thin aluminum rolls layered foam to act as a padding for your insulation. Homeowners with sloping roof design would prefer this method since the layering works in this case.

Natural Insulation. With the demand for eco-friendly homes, innovators have discovered that wool from sheep’s can now be used as substitute from the artificial commonly used in insulating homes. These provide a thermal effect which prevents heat from entering your home. Wooden fiber and hemp are being bought to use as insulation as well. These are great to use for homes with wooden roof frames. There are companies who offer these kinds of materials for an insulation project.

Polyurethane. This a common plastic material used for insulation in construction projects. It has a soft foam quality to it which allows air to pass through while still maintaining its insulation capabilities. These are premium installations and make sure you fit it into your budget.

There are now a ton of options for the insulation materials you can use for your home. Find the right one that fits the design and construct of your house to get the right level of thermal protection. Now you just have a renovation expert to install it for you.

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