Tips and Tricks for Your Bathroom Renovation

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April 15, 2019
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April 15, 2019

Tips and Tricks for Your Bathroom Renovation

Out of all the places in the house, the bathroom can be one of the trickiest to deal with. It’s not a visible area of the house, but it doesn’t make it less important. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most used areas of the house, aside from the kitchen.

Oftentimes, we feel the need to renovate the bathroom not because something is terrible damaged, already. We just want to feel more relaxed during our quiet time in the bathroom, which sometimes a bit of remodeling can do. Here some of the fun ways you can renovate your bathroom, without spending too much money and energy.

  • Bathrooms need a theme, too

How often do we think about having a consistent theme for the bathroom, relative to the rest of the house? We get too focused on the functionalities of the bathroom that forget to give a bit of personality, as well. So, once you finally decide to renovate the bathroom, you can already work on this bathroom theme. It should ideally be consistent with the overall look of the house, as well. So if your house has a more rustic theme, you can do the same for your bathroom, as well.

  • Lighting creates significant change

If you want an easy way to spice up the bathroom without any major renovation work, then you can certainly play around with the lights. Lighting will create the entire ambiance of the bathroom, next to the color of the tiles you are using. If you want it to look more spacious, go for white lighting . On the other hand, if you want your bathroom to have a more intimate vibe, you can replace your lights with ambient lighting.

  • Play with tile patterns

A sure way to make a bathroom more interesting? Have fun with tiles. During renovation, you have the chance to change your tiling a bit, so make sure to take advantage of this to play around with patterns, colors, and even asymmetry. Broken tiles make for good design materials, as well, so do not just discard them right away.

  • Incorporate a bathroom closet

In case you don’t have it yet, bathroom closet proves to be both a design and functional asset. You are able to get rid of the usual eyesore inside the bathroom by having this new organizer, plus it also adds to the overall aesthetic of the area.

If you are not sure about how to do your bathroom renovation yet, you can consult a renovation contractor that specializes in interior designs, as well.

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