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Last 2 years, we completed 6 toilet renovation projects

Professional Toilet Renovation Services in Malaysia

JK Renovate provides expert toilet renovation services in Malaysia. We cater to the needs of both residential and commercial property owners. Whether yours is an apartment, flat, landed property, or condominium, we can improve the look of your toilet.

We also work on existing toilets or new installations. Whether you want to upgrade the decades-old toilets in your house, or simply don’t like the toilet that came with the house you just bought, we can help develop the toilet of your dreams.

Even if you want to adjust your toilets to meet the needs of elderly persons, we’re here for you. Our toilet renovation packages are designed to meet the various needs of different people for toilet improvement. Our company is skilled, experienced, licensed, certified and has expertise in renovating toilets.


Quick Fact About Us

  • We completed 112 renovation projects since 2006
  • Last 2 years, we completed 12 kitchen renovation, 6 bathroom/toilet renovation and 5 major renovation projects.
  • Specliaze in condominium & landed house renovation
  • Offer Free 30 days Workmanship Warranty
  • Fast follow up services within 7 days
  • Our head of constructor accumulated more than 19 years of experience
  • Our company start from 4 people increase to 15 people now
  • Free quotation & consultation

What We Do

Tiling Works

We source and install tiles on toilet floors and walls. We help you pick the right tiles based on your personality, interests, and specifications you’ve set for your dream toilet, and we make sure that your floor tiles are anti-slip for safety.

Toilet Bowl Installation

Toilet bowls come in various finishes, colors, and designs. Based on your budget and preferences, we help you pick the right bowls for your toilet. We ensure they’re strong and durable, regardless of your budget. We install your chosen toilet bowls, ensuring they meet industry standards and governing regulations in Malaysia.

Wash Basins

Wash basins also come in varied designs, finishes, colors, styles, and shapes; fixtures also vary. You can be sure that our plumbing experts will help you choose basins that’ll last you many years, while enhancing the appearance of your toilet.

Toilet Door

Toilet doors are both functional and decorative. They come in different materials, colors, sizes, shapes, designs, and styles. We help you choose one that won’t just enhance the privacy of using your toilet, but also accentuate the overall design. Custom-made toilet doors can be selected, to further reflect your personality.

Plumbing Works

It is critical to use a professional and experienced plumber. Therefore, we train our plumbers, and provide them with everything they need to expertly install your plumbing fixtures, always complying with local regulations.

Hacking Works

We only begin hacking works after securing the right permits and approvals from local regulatory bodies. This ensures everything is done properly without compromising the structure of your house or impacting your safety.

Things to Consider before a Toilet Renovation

When considering or planning a bathroom or toilet renovation project, there are things you must consider. First, identify what aspects of your toilet you want changed, and come up with a budget to support your intended project. We work with your budget to ensure you get a functional and decorative toilet within your means.

With a budget in place, consider the renovation elements you can do on your own and those that require skilled labour. The ones that you can do can help reduce your renovation costs. Work on easy things, such as painting, but leave wiring and plumbing works to licensed experts.

Also, share your needs and requirements with your toilet renovation contractor to ensure you get what you want and pay for. Local toilet renovation regulations must be considered; we provide this service to you, to eliminate one less potentially stressful element of the renovation project.

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